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Acer Aspire V5-121 V5-123 V5-131 V5-171 Laptop Keyboard PK130RO1A00 click image to view larger image

Acer Aspire V5-121 V5-123 V5-131 V5-171 Laptop Keyboard PK130RO1A00

Item Condition: Brand New
Price: $18.88
Specification: Original New Acer Aspire V5-121 V5-123 V5-131 V5-171 Laptop Keyboard
Layout: US
Letter: English
Info: Ribbon cable included
Remark: Please check the images and description carefully. You will receive what you see!
Color: Black
Warranty: 6 Months
Shipping: Free Shipping By HongKong Registered Air Mail With Tracking Number to worldwide
Get your Acer Aspire V5-121 V5-123 V5-131 V5-171 Laptop Keyboard Without Frame from today is free of charge for shipment. We supply Acer Aspire V5-121 V5-123 V5-131 V5-171 Laptop Keyboard replacement with low price. We guarantee the product with a full six-months warranty from the date of purchase if the product(s) have any quality problem!
Compatible Code
Fit Model
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Aspire One 725-0412
Aspire One 725-0487
Aspire One 725-0488
Aspire One 725-0494
Aspire One 725-0600
Aspire One 725-0635
Aspire One 725-0638
Aspire One 725-0670
Aspire One 725-0687
Aspire One 725-0691
Aspire One 725-0802
Aspire One 725-0825
Aspire One 725-0826
Aspire One 725-0845
Aspire One 725-0879
Aspire One 725-0884
Aspire One 725-0899
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Aspire One 756-2420
Aspire One 756-2421
Aspire One 756-2480
Aspire One 756-2617
Aspire One 756-2623
Aspire One 756-2626
Aspire One 756-2641
Aspire One 756-2666
Aspire One 756-2840
Aspire One 756-2868
Aspire One 756-2887
Aspire One 756-2899
Aspire One 756-4854
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Aspire S3-371-6663
Aspire S3-391 Series
Aspire S3-391-6046
Aspire S3-391-6406
Aspire S3-391-6407
Aspire S3-391-6423
Aspire S3-391-6428
Aspire S3-391-6448
Aspire S3-391-6497
Aspire S3-391-6616
Aspire S3-391-6676
Aspire S3-391-6677
Aspire S3-391-6686
Aspire S3-391-6811
Aspire S3-391-6812
Aspire S3-391-6862
Aspire S3-391-6882
Aspire S3-391-6899
Aspire S3-391-9415
Aspire S3-391-9445
Aspire S3-391-9499
Aspire S3-391-9606
Aspire S3-391-9695
Aspire S3-391-9813
Aspire S3-951 Series
Aspire S3-951-6432
Aspire S3-951-6464
Aspire S3-951-6629
Aspire S3-951-6646
Aspire S3-951-6675
Aspire S3-951-6698
Aspire S3-951-6828
Aspire S5-391 Series
Aspire S5-391-6419
Aspire S5-391-6495
Aspire S5-391-6836
Aspire S5-391-9860
Aspire S5-391-9880
Aspire V5-121 Series
Aspire V5-121-0430
Aspire V5-121-0452
Aspire V5-121-0678
Aspire V5-121-0818
Aspire V5-123 Series
Aspire V5-123-3466
Aspire V5-123-3634
Aspire V5-123-3659
Aspire V5-123-3876
Aspire V5-123-3883
Aspire V5-131 Series
Aspire V5-131-2449
Aspire V5-131-2473
Aspire V5-131-2497
Aspire V5-131-2629
Aspire V5-131-2647
Aspire V5-131-2682
Aspire V5-131-2803
Aspire V5-131-2840
Aspire V5-131-2858
Aspire V5-131-2887
Aspire V5-171 Series
Aspire V5-171-6422
Aspire V5-171-6436
Aspire V5-171-6471
Aspire V5-171-6614
Aspire V5-171-6616
Aspire V5-171-6675
Aspire V5-171-6860
Aspire V5-171-9620
Aspire V5-171-9661
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